Are you looking for a different, unique, stress-free and budget-friendly wedding? Then this is totally for you.  


Pop-up weddings are the new “in” wedding style. You might be asking yourself what is this of a pop-up wedding… Well, that is what we are going to tell you!  


You might have heard of micro weddings, which are normally small and intimate weddings, with no more than 20/25 guests. However, there are still differences between a micro wedding and a pop-up wedding.  


Pop-up weddings tend to be of a short period of time both on organization and wedding day. The planning process can be whatever time frame you want. You got engaged yesterday and plan to marry in two or three months time? That’s what we’re talking about. The wedding day itself tends to round 3/4h, which can be extended to a full day programme if you wish it that way. There are no limitations attached to pop-up weddings and they ultrapass the traditions. The idea of this, is that you choose to “pop-up” anywhere you want or you where you always dreamed of and get married!  


Your day will be drawn upon your ideas and your ideal place. Working with the best suppliers, we turn your wedding into a dinamic, fast, 100% stress-free and budget friendly! The tag of a pop-up wedding is a premium experience without a premium price tag! It is important to note however, that a pop-up wedding is not a legal wedding, but symbolic.  


Everything is tailor-made to your taste and wishes, from the day of the week that you want to get married to the most authentic place! We ask you to think outside of the box, get creative, think of the places that are most memorable for you… And share those with us!  


The main focus will be upon you both, the love that keeps you together & your lovely guests! 

“Pop” us an email and lets dive into your planning!


Algarve Dream Weddings will Pop your dreams into reality. 



Getting married in a secluded cave 

Desert Island 

On a Clifftop 

In the evening on a Beach 

On the highest mountain point 

Getting married on a train 

Traditional Metro in Lisbon 

Getting married on a Hotair Balloon 

Getting married on a Sailboat in the middle of the ocean 

Getting married in a plane 

Think out the box, and we will pop it for you!