Wedding Planner in Algarve, Portugal, Getting married in Portugal

provides you with your own personal wedding planner, stylist and decorator.

Your wedding should be as unique as you are; we provide customized planning to meet each individual bride and groom’s needs.

We love crafting beautiful weddings and we work hard to create an unforgettable planning experience that allows you to have fun during the process while we focus on putting together all of the details that will create incredible memories for you and your guests.

ALGARVE DREAM WEDDINGS loves hearing stories, details and building relationships with our couples.

We limit the number of weddings we coordinate each year, which allows us to focus on each of our couples, thus giving you the time, detail and respect you deserve.

We will match your requirements to the perfect venue, cake, DJ, florist, photographer, etc. We offer everything and anything related to your wedding.