20 Ways to Entertainment your guests at your wedding…..

20 Ways to Entertainment your guests at your wedding, and it doesn´t have to involve a DJ or a Band!

Let us show you some awesome ways to entertain guests with waiters, dancers, and lots more!

When it comes to planning your wedding entertainment, 80% of couples simply decide between a band or DJ. However, there are so many other options that you can add to your wedding, giving it that extra special touch, to WOW your guests.

You already have the WOW factor with deciding on a Destination wedding, so why not continue to surprise everyone?

You need to consider and appreciate that everyone has made the effort to travel out of their country, spend the extra money to be at your special day, so additional forms of entertainment that have nothing to do with musical instruments or singing can actually make your Destination Wedding something to remember for a long time, and help your celebration last well into the early hours of the morning.

A wide range of performers are available for wedding and other events, and hiring them can take your wedding from exciting and beautiful , to being memorable and extraordinary and it doesn´t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Your WOW factors can begin at your ceremony, with guests being entertained during or after the ceremony.


Celebrants can be a big part of this entertainment. You may also have loved ones who are no longer among you, and you want to have a special moment for them. A balloon release is a lovely way of remembering your loved ones. You can also have a dove release at the end of your ceremony. Depending on your theme or location there are lots of different ideas, and Algarve Dream Weddings knows exactly what to suggest.

Welcome drinks can be even more fun by hiring servers to offer champagne from crinoline-style skirts or having cocktail napkins available from women wearing dresses made of beverage napkins.

In the Algarve 90% of Destination Weddings are done in the summer, and most couples don´t realise how hot it can be, especially if you have decided to host your ceremony at 3pm in the afternoon on a cliff top, so having an ice-cream cart for your guests to enjoy some cool flavours (mind the pun) is an excellent option.

Mix up the traditional wedding reception with a magician mingling amongst guests, you will have them stunned at first, but them they will be talking about it the rest of the time.

Besides a saxophone player being at your welcome drink, you can dazzle your guests with a dancer on stilts or you could have a cartoonist drawing your guests, imagine this as a special gift for them or for you to keep and look back on in years to come.

Providing giant games, casino games or even the favourites of favourites like beer pong and the traditional Limbo dance will make for further amusement and get guests geared up for a fabulous evening.

Photo booths are also extremely popular at weddings, and there is so much on offer, bus, camera pod, cabins, backdrops, you can hire professionals or you can decide on something DIY. Whatever the option it will keep young and old entertained for the evening

You could also consider the secret wall with a “drink in a hand” handout when guests are going through to the first dance, or even cake cutting – handing out a bubbly from a secret wall is all so mysterious and creates the perfect mood for what is about to happen next.

A lot of gentlemen don´t dance, so you can offer them something they will all enjoy – Whisky tasting Bar or a Gin Bar, something of a trend at the moment. Have an interactive bar and invite your guests to sample wonderful Whisky’s, Bourbons or Gin´s guided by an expert. Let them discover unique and rare flavours to find one that they love.

Something else for the boys – A cigar bar – Have a custom blend of tobacco hand rolled for your guests, not only providing a special twist to your day, but creating a dapper wedding favour for the party-goers to take home. The men will only be too delighted to stand around the cigar bar and enjoy the banter

And we can´t forget the little ones, who normally get a little bored during weddings. Puppeteer – A great way to keep your little guests entertained but also providing some nostalgia for the adults is to have a puppet show! Once the wedding meal is over, it can be a nightmare to keep the kids busy in the evening section of your festivities. A bit of thought into child-friendly entertainment will have guests who are parents thanking their lucky stars. There is so much to offer for the little ones, and not just babysitting, but real fun entertainment.

Toss of the bouquet – this could be done in so many ways, and it doesn´t have to be the traditional way either. We will be featuring a section in our blog about tossing of your bouquet and giving you plenty of different ideas for this form of entertainment. Look out for this soon…

Another popular form of entertainment not often thought of, and it is one free form of entertainment. The Shoe game, quite embarrassing at times but so much fun for everyone.

We can also suggest you have a sparklers moment – your first dance could be with all your guests lining up for your first dance song and you are under a star lit, sparkly sky enjoying that moment together.

The most popular forms of entertainment seem to be the cutting of the wedding cake  moment with fireworks, but you can spice it all up and give them a show of a lifetime incorporating fire breather, special effects dancing show and them finish it all off with the spectacular fireworks display.

Have a look at some of our ideas for your perfect wedding, we create perfect moments and make your dream wedding come true……

Thanks for popping in, until our next blog post, be happy and in love ❤








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